My Epic Life Quest

Have you ever heard of anyone actually following through with their new year’s resolution? How about five new years resolutions? I’m sure most people wouldn’t even dream of achieving that much, possibly because it’s no fun. Well that’s exactly what Steve Kamb’s Epic Quest of Awesome is all about.

Steve has accomplished more than most could accomplish in ten lifetimes, using a system likened to playing a video game. All of his goals are split into levels, and each goal counts for 20% exp toward the next level, with some major goals counting for 100% exp.

I’m not a gamer, but this sure does add a fun twist to goal-setting, and more importantly, achieving.

So, with great respect to Steve Kamb and the legendary Brent Ozar, here is my…


Level 2 – The Transition

Level 1 – The Japan (Completed 30/06/2016!)

  • Pass the Microsoft 70-463 Exam (Completed 18/04/2016!)
  • Get a Japanese driver’s licence (Completed 17/03/2016!)
  • Have an awesome time in Okinawa (Completed 26/04/2016!)
  • Run 100km in a single month (Completed 31/05/2016!)
  • Become MCSA SQL Server 2012/2014 certified (Completed 30/06/2016!)

Blog goals:

  • Get 10 followers on my blog
  • Write four blog posts in a single month

Exercise goals:

  • Run 600 minutes in a single month
  • Do 6000 Russian twists in a single month
  • Do 2000 push-ups in a single month

Study goals:

  • Pass the MCSA
  • Pass next exam
  • Get MCSE!